Jan 27, 2015

Amazing Art and Some Movie References

LA is a fun place. Everywhere you go is a scene from a movie. My recent trip to the Huntington Library and Gardens was no exception.

The first thing that I recognized were the statues from the movie The Wedding Planner, starring Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey. 

There are over 1,200 antique European object to see inside the Huntington Art Gallery. There is furniture 


Within the portrait gallery hangs Blue Boy

 and Pinkie at opposing ends of the hall.

Speaking of pink, I love these French Pink Dishes from the 1700s.

 The art gallery was originally the estate of wealthy Henry E. Huntington and his second wife, Arabella. It was completed in 1911. It is 5500 square feet and every room is full of treasures.

 The next time I visit I will take the audio tour. I did read that this painting depicts Mary, Jesus, and John. Jesus has one foot of the red pillow to show he is part man and one foot on the white silk to show he is part God. So very Renaissance.

 I found this amazing stained glass window in the center of the home. It is breathtaking in real life.

Just outside the gallery is this amazing Baroque fountain. I love the Italian fountain framed with the California palm trees. It was 80 degrees in January. Gotta love Southern California!

Thank you so much for visiting The Vintage Sheet Blog today. I hope that you enjoyed your tour of the Huntington Art Gallery. I have more photos to share another day of the gardens and the tea room. 

Jan 22, 2015

Football Party Ideas For Girls

Every year we throw a girls-only Super Bowl Party. We decorate, make snacks, and party like only girls can.

We all know that boys and girls are different. The differences can really be seen in the way that we choose to entertain. Continue reading for some ideas on how to party on Super Bowl Sunday, without the guys.

Boy Decorations: Red plastic cups and empty beer bottles
Girl Decorations: Handmade fabric buntings and coasters

Nothing disposable here. I love my Football Field Bunting. It gives a nod to the fact that there is a football game on the television without being tacky. You can download my easy instructions and pennant pattern for free .

Most men think of coasters are weird decorative items with no purpose. These coasters again nod to what is happening on tv but still protect the coffee table. I made these coasters with a single sheet of felt. You can find the instructions for free here.

I have a lot of football bowls and trays that I have found in thrift shops at random times of the year.  I also have a tablecloth that has football players on it that was originally a curtain. You'll see it in the next picture.

Boy Food: Chips and something meaty.
Girl Food: Endless Options

We have a different menu every year for Super Bowl Sunday. I usually choose a different cuisine from some part of the United States for inspiration. This year we are going to do the Pacific Northwest. I'm pretty excited about researching the foods of Seattle.

These are some favorite food items from Super Bowls of the past.

Antipasta platter. I used my stadium stray and tried to make the veggies and olives look like fans.

This is a calzone that I made with store-bought pizza dough from Trader Joes, some homemade marinara sauce, cheese and veggies. I just folded it to look like a football and added some laces with extra dough.

Here is a football cheeseball. Instead of chips or crackers, I served it with veggies.

I love the rolls that look like footballs. I've used them for sandwiches in the past but the football sloppy joes are my favorite. And, I got to use my football picks.

Sometimes my dips get a little out there. This is an eggplant dip that I served with bread rounds.

This may be the one snack that girls and boys can agree upon. I love popcorn. My food theme last year was Jersey Shore and popcorn just made sense.

The one thing that I make every single year is Jell-O Jiggler Helmets. I try to find flavors that match the team colors and put them on my stadium tray. Here's the recipe.

Don't forget dessert. My mum made a homemade apple pie with a football on the top crust. Yum!

I don't have a picture of my favorite Super Bowl dessert. Two years ago our food theme was New Orleans. I made individual chocolate souffles. They were amazing. Anyhoo, I love to make Krispie Pops for almost every occasion. These are my football field and football versions.

Boy Rules: No talking during the game!!!
Girl Rules: No talking during the commercials!!!

This would have to be the major distinction between the guy Super Bowl party and our girl get together. Companies spend millions of dollars per second on Super Bowl advertisements and we ladies appreciate that. I look forward to the commercials every year. It's no time for chit chat or potty breaks.

There you have it; The Super Bowl Girl Party. Thank you for stopping by the Vintage Sheet Blog today. I hope that you have found some inspiration for your next sports themed party. I'd love to know, what are your game-day traditions?

 Don't forget to download the tutorials for the football field pennants and coasters. You can also use the pennant pattern to make NFL pennants. They are pretty fun. I make 2 new teams every year.

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Jan 16, 2015

Heart Valentine's Day Table Runner Tutorial

How's your table doing? Does it need a heart table runner? Here's your solution.

You'll need:

  • Heart Pattern (see below)
  • White felt (sold by the yard)
  • Red and white vintage fabrics (a yard total)
  • 14 1" Buttons 
  • 7 3" pieces of 1/2" ribbon
  • Sewing Machine, needle, and thread
  • Pinking Shears, scissors, and rotary cutter

Easy Instructions

1.  Make heart pattern. Fold a piece of 12" x 12" scrapbooking paper in half and draw this:

Cut along line and unfold. 

2. Make Fabric Hearts. Lay pattern on felt and cut out using scissors or rotary cutter. Repeat until you have 6 white hearts cut out.  Do the same with the red and white fabric. Time-saving Tip: you may be able to cut through multiple layers of fabric at once.

3. Pin. Place a red/white heart on top of a felt heart and pin around the outside with the right side facing up. Place one pin in the middle.


4. Sew.   Sew all the way around each heart with a 3/8 inch (or wider) seam. Do this for all 6 hearts.The hearts do not need to perfectly match up because we will trim them. Just use your top piece as a guide.


5. Trim Hearts. Using your pinking sheers, cut all the way around the outside of each heart. The width from the stitching doesn't matter as long as you don't cut the stitches.

 6. Attach hearts. Using a needle and thread (I used red thread) connect the hearts with a ribbon on the back and buttons on the front. 

You'll do the pointy ends (of the heart) together and then rounded ends together.

This is how the rounded edges are attached.

Attach all the hearts and you are done. You can make your runner longer or shorter but make an even number of hearts.

Thank you for stopping by the Vintage Sheet Blog today. Do you love Valentine's Day as much as me? I have some other Love Day tutorials in the works plus, a Valentine's Day Printable.

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