Mar 23, 2010

Featuring Katherine Jalaty & Her VS Shower Curtain Tutorial

Today I am featuring Katherine Jalaty, she is a talented lady with a fun blog:  Making Chicken Salad
Below is a brief interview and then on to the fun vintage sheet Shower Curtain Tutorial.  She has a couple other VS tutorials, that I will be posting another day. 

How long have you been collecting vintage sheets?
  I have been collecting vintage sheets for about two years.

What or Who inspired you to use vintage sheets in your projects?
It started when I was looking for pretty fabric to use to make some of the Gumdrop Pillows by Amy Butler.  I wanted to be able to make a lot of them in different patterns to have around the house, but they require a lot of fabric and it was getting expensive!  Thrifted sheets in pretty patterns seemed to me to be a good solution.  After looking around, I noticed a lot of others using vintage sheets for projects, as well!  My friend, Rachel, ( makes beautiful quilts using vintage sheets.

How many vintage sheets do you have right now?     
 Most of my sheets are cut into fat quarters and quilt squares right now, but I have about fifteen different patterns in my collection at this point.

Any fun projects planned using VS?  
  I used to sell vintage sheet apron kits in my (now closed) etsy shop, and I just found one I did not realize I still had!  I plan on stitching it up for a cute friend who is getting married later this year.

How long have you been sewing? 
  My mom taught me to sew when I was little.  I still have a doll that I stitched together by hand when I was five or six, and a little doll quilt I made not long after.

Do you have a fav vs print?
  I tend to gravitate towards large scale floral patterns with lots of pink.

Any prints you are coveting at the moment?
  There is one specific print I am on the hunt for right now.  I found it last year and have used almost the whole sheet by now--I would love to find another one!

Cute shower curtains can be hard to find, especially if you are on a tight budget. One can easily be made, though, using vintage sheets! These instructions are for a standard 74"x74" shower curtain, although I made mine a little smaller to accommodate my shower.
For this project you will need:
(1) piece of a vintage sheet, cut to 75"x75"
(2) strips of vintage sheets (in different colors) cut 6"x90" (you may need to piece
together two strips to get one long enough) for the ruffles
(12) grommets. I used one of these to apply these. If you prefer, button-holes can be used instead of grommets.
rick-rack for embellishment (mine is vintage)
First, we will make the ruffles. Press each of your 90" strips in half length-wise, with the wrong sides out.
Stitch the raw edges shut to form a tube.
Turn the tube right-side-out and press it, with the seam running down the middle of one of side.
Run a loose basting stitch down the middle of the tube, using the existing seam as a guide. Don't back-stitch at either end! Gently tug on the top thread, and the seam will start to pucker. Carefully do this along the entire length of the tube. Once finished, you have your first ruffle made! Repeat the previous steps to make your second ruffle strip.
To attach the ruffles to the curtain panel, pin the ruffle strip in place and carefully stitch it, gently gathering up the fabric as you go. If you have a ruffle foot attachment for your sewing machine this step will be easier. If not, though, no big deal. Just pay careful attention to what you are doing and please watch your fingers!
Once your ruffles are attached to the bottom of the curtain, stitch a row or two of rick-rack across the top.
To hem, press in the seam one half inch (toward the back of the curtain)
and then another half-inch,
pinning as you go along to keep everything in place. Try to use the already hemmed edges of your sheet to your advantage and save yourself some work! I used one for the top edge of my curtain.
Once your curtain has the embellishments attached and is hemmed on all four sides, you are almost done! The last step is to attach the grommets.
Use your old shower curtain or your curtain liner to mark on the new curtain where the grommets will go. This distance is 6" apart from center to center.
Using the marks you just made, cut a hole and follow the package instructions to attach each of the 12 grommets. Once your grommets are attached your curtain is ready to hang!

Thanks for the great tutorial Katherine!


Leslie said...

i used this tutorial to make a shower curtain from a vintage sheet for my kids bathroom and i love it...every time i see it i love it!!!

I am so glad i found your blog. i am excited to see more vintage sheet projects. they always look so beautiful.

A. said...

What an awesome idea. I love the ruffles!

Dee said...

We have three full baths. Guess whose bathroom gets used the most for our boys' showers? Ours!

LOL I just had to put up an old white, eyelet one from years ago to replace the one that had its tabs torn off from rough handling.

This is a perfect tutorial I think even I can follow! Thanks so much for this and starting the blog!

Evelyn said...

Nice project! Thanks for the tutorial!