Mar 28, 2010

Vintage Sheet File Folders-Tutorial

Another fab tutorial from Katherine Jalaty from Making Chicken Salad.

I was organizing some bills and receipts and decided I wanted to make the folders a little prettier, so I covered them with vintage sheets. It is a super-easy-instant-gratification project, and here is how you do it!
First, you need to choose your fabric. Fat quarters are the perfect thing to use because if you measure and cut carefully, you have just enough fabric for two folders.
Assemble the rest of your materials: a file folder, spray adhesive, and either scissors or a rotary cutter and mat. As you can see my fabric was pretty wrinkly to start with. You can press your fabric if you like, but it is not necessary. All of the wrinkles will smooth out when you attach it to the folder.
Trim the fabric so that it is slightly larger than the folder all of the way around. The less fabric the there is around the edges of the folder the more careful you will have to be when adhering it. Now set the fabric aside and apply a generous, even coat of spray adhesive to the OUTSIDE of the folder. Make sure all of the edges are thoroughly covered with adhesive.
Put the folder (sticky side UP!) back on the table and gently place the fabric on top. It is best to start at one end and gently move to the other end.
Using a credit card, start at the center of the folder and gently press all of the air bubbles and wrinkles to the edges of the fabric. By the time you are done you should have a nice, smooth surface.
I then ran a small rolling pin over the whole thing (paying special attention to the edges) a few times just to be certain that the fabric was nicely adhered all over.
Last, flip your folder over and use either your rotary cutter or scissors to trim away the excess fabric. It can be a little tricky around any curved edges, so you might want to use some tiny little scissors.
TA DA! Now you are finished with your folders and it's time to stop procrastinating and get back to organizing those bills. :)

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Sarah said...


Leslie said...

i love this...i have been meaning to do this project for awhile.

erica said...

What a great idea!

Evelyn said...

Great tutorial, and pretty file folders! If I made them, I'd have to find some way to display them - I'd hate to just hide them away in the filing cabinet! ;-)

Wendy said...

Those are great!

Kim said...

Oooo - I love this! Just found your blog and am "friending" you - come check me out if you want - I just made file folders too!

SewTara said...

This is fun. I've been collecting vintage sheets for a little while now, I'll add this to my list of 'To Makes'!