Jun 29, 2010

Vintage Pillow Case grocery Tutorial

Today's tutorial is from the lovely blog: Spider Woman Knits.

Did you do your homework? Good, if not, don't worry you can always make it up. A few weeks ago I was completely inspired by these bags made by this lovely lady. So, right away I pulled a pillowcase from my stash and got sewing. In 15 minutes, and I know this because it was 15 minutes before Lost came on and Greg was worried I wouldn't make it back for the start, I had the most adorable grocery tote there ever was! Right away I contacted Heather to thank her for the inspiration and to ask if it would be ok to write up a tutorial. I could tell we were making ours differently, I completely winged the bag, but you know how it is. I wanted to be sure. Neither one of us is inventing the wheel here, there are lots of pillowcase bag tutorials out there, I just hadn't seen one and wasn't basing this bag on one.
So I pulled most of the vintage pillowcases from my shop except for a few(because that would just be greedy) and got sewing! I've made a dozen of these now and I just can't stop. Last year was 'the summer of head scarves' from Weekend Sewing. This year, I predict, will be the summer of vintage pillowcase grocery totes! They take so little time and with yard sales coming up you can really stock up. What's so great about this tutorial is that you will use up ever single bit. There won't be one tiny scrap to add to your "burden", I'm sorry, I mean stash. Plus once you finish one tote you can use it to haul all the other vintage pillowcases you'll start hoarding. So, maybe they will indirectly add to your "burden'";)
So, here you go! I wrote up a tidy PDF for the Vintage Pillowcase Grocery Tote!
It's yours for the taking and hopefully using! I also set up a Flickr group for you to add your totes too because I can't wait to see all the different pillowcases. As a collector of vintage that is really the most exciting part for me. But really, you could make these out of any pillowcase and it would be just as great!
I hope you enjoy making them as much as me! Once you have a set of cutie pie totes like this you will never forget your reusable bags again! I'd love to hear from you if you make one and also if you need or think that any part of the tutorial should be clarified. Happy Sewing! ooxx Spidey

Thanks, Spidey.

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Dee said...

Gee. Thanks. :0) Another project I know I will want to do and don't have time! Wahhhhh!

Really though, this are just too pretty and I will be looking at the tutorial as soon as one memory quilt is finished and delivered!

Jan Hatchett said...

Wow! Bags made from VS would make me smile--even if I have to grocery shop!

Kristen said...

LOVE this tutorial! I think I just might be able to make these. Thanks for sharing :)

saganaga said...

so cute :)

emilie said...

Thanks for the great idea! I just picked up a few vintage pillow cases from a freebie bag of material. I'll be making these for sure! You can never have enough bags in your closet!


secret cake said...

Love this-- especially the shape.

So great!

Janice Brewster-Weiser said...

A classic! So cute! I'm featuring this bag on my blog, www.fabricsalad.com. Thanks!