Jul 16, 2010

Pillowcase Super Hero Cape Tutorial

I am loving this tutorial  from Becca of Nap Time Journal, pretty sure you all will too.

Find yourself an old pillowcase and make it into a SUPER HERO CAPE for your little one.  What I love most about this is, this pillowcase is from my mom's linen closet so I grew up using this pillowcase as a little girl and now my daughter is using it.....in a much more fabulous way!!

Turn your pillowcase inside out.
Cut off the closed end of your pillowcase.
Fold your pillowcase in half, then cut out your neckline. Make sure the fold is in the middle. 

Open it up, then pin it, then sew it together,
Once you have sewn it, turn it right sides out and sew it for a nice finished look. 
 Sew on velcro or just leave it as is for tieing.
You can also add a fun detail to the back like I did.  I added her initial as well as some rick rack I already had in my stash.  I uesd the open part of the pillowcase as my guide for the rickrack and sewed it on, closing the bottom of the cape.
You can tie the cape on....
or you can use the velcro.
Not bad for a 10 minute project and endless amounts of fun for your little one.

Thanks for sharing Becca!


Leslie said...

this is so so adorable....i love this vintage case it is the perfect little super girl cape.

shelia said...

After watching my grand daughter all day...i think i need to make one of these Grandma size! Cute :)

Jan Hatchett said...

Too cute! I think that making a super hero cape makes you a SuperMommy!

Mama Spark said...

I'm pretty sure I slept on these same pillowcases!!

Dee said...

do they come in adult larges? lol

FuNkY MoMmY said...

Fabulous idea!!! I <3 Vintage sheets and pillowcases!!!