Jul 27, 2010

Scrap Happy Table Runner Tutorial

Today's tutorial is from Amy of Vintage Fern.  This tutorial is made with lots of fun vintage linens but it could be done in all vintage sheets ;)


This was my submission for the So You Think Your Crafty Auditions. I didn't make the top ten so I won't be going on (I think I was 12). It was fun seeing all the other fun projects and finding new to me blogs! There were a lot of fun projects submitted and I am excited to see what season 3 brings. Anyways, I took pictures while I was making it so here is a tutorial!

You will need:

  • Scraps of fabric
  • Doilies
  • Trim
  • Anything that could be sewn down and would look cute.
  • Two pieces of your main fabric (I used a cream colored Kona cotton)
  • A piece of batting (I used warm and natural batting)


Cut main fabric into two pieces,  37" by 13" (or  any size you want) and 1 piece of batting the same size.

Lay down your batting and main fabric pieces  in this order:
batting first, then your two main fabrics on top of that right sides together.

Pin all your layers together so you can sew them together without them shifting.

Then starting somewhere in the middle of a side, sew around the whole thing using a 1/4 inch seam, leaving a 3 or 4 inch hole so that you can turn it right side out.

like this

Clip the extra corner fabric tips off to make it easier to turn the corners out.

Turn it right side out, I like to use a plastic chopstick I found at IKEA to help with the corners.

Iron the whole thing, taking care to pay attention to that hole you left for turning and ironing that part in so you won't be able to tell where it was.

Topstitch around the edge, again pay attention to the part where the hole was to make sure you get it sewn shut.

Add pom pom trim to both ends.  After that I just layed down my bits of handkerchief and doilies down and then cut pieces of fabric to fit in the spaces that were left.

Then I pinned them all down.

Sew all those bits down, (I left the edges of all my fabrics raw by the way, once it goes through the wash they will get a yummy frayed edge) I rolled the one end up so it would fit nicely in my sewing machine.  :)

And here's a tip, when I got one piece all sewed down, I didn't cut the thread, I just picked up the presser foot and moved over to another piece. Can you see the threads in the picture? Then after I got all the pieces sewn down I clipped all the threads.

 I added bits of embroidery wherever I felt like it.

You are done and you have a happy table runner.

Thanks for sharing with us Amy!


fabriquefantastique said...

love the pretty hankies that you have used

sandandstarfish said...

Yes thank you Amy very much! I loved this tutorial! :)

casserole said...

Oh, WOW! That tablerunner is a little bit of fabulousness!! It looks like it walked straight out of an Anthro catalog, except without the $150 pricetag.

I linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip Sewing:http://sewing.craftgossip.com/tutorial-retro-awesome-tablerunner-from-fabric-scraps-and-vintage-hankies/2010/07/28/


Bailey said...

I really like this mix of everything! Very clever.

Nicole Maki said...

Your table runner is absolutely gorgeous. I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with an idea that appealed to me and yours is the one.

Gorgeous fabrics, beautifully executed. Thank you for the clear directions.

Love it!

Pink Daisys Blog Spot said...

Love this idea! I will have to try this with my girls.. What great Christmas gifts these would make. Thanks for sharing, I love your blog.

Belle said...

Totally cute, dude! I am inspired. :) I love vintage hankies and what-not.


Bellgirl said...

oh niiiice! It's definitely in my top ten ;)

Cerise said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVE this idea. My grandmother used to send me BEAUTIFUL hankies that I could never bring myself to use...but carefully saved instead. Now I know EXACTLY what I'm doing with them! Thanks!!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

Oh wow. This is so, so pretty! I agree with Casserole, it looks straight out of Anthropologie. Just gorgeous! Thanks so much for this, I'll be linking.

Lexi said...

This should have made the top 1! I love it! Of course I love all things involving vintage sheets ;) I noticed you asked if you could feature my tutorial on making a skirt out of a vintage pillowcase that was featured on the May Arts blog and YES of course!! Thanks for the interest. I really dig how it came out :)
And now I will bookmark your blog b/c it is right up my alley ;)

Warm Hugs Design said...

Love the idea and how pretty it turned out. Off to make one soon I hope!

Warm hugs,

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

This is just the cutest idea, thanks so much, I'm going to have to try this!

Kristen said...

So cute! I think I might have to try it :) Thanks for the tutorial♥

Anne K. said...

What a great idea to bring lots of little bits and pieces together. Love it! Thanks so much for sharing!

theodora said...

That is absolutly awsome , I love and collect doillies and old hankies now I know what can be done. I had it in my head somthing similar ,only I was thinking of a wall hanging.

teedle. said...

Such a wonderful blog and table runner! I am adding you to my blog roll for sure! =)

Sandy said...

This is soooo adorable!!! I can't wait to make one! I love using scraps. Thank you so much for sharing your tutorial!
-Sandy - EatWriteDreamStitch.blogspot.com

η δραπέτης said...

Many thanks for this great idea! I'll definitely try this out!!!!

Jen said...

This is so gorgeous! I love it and I'm going to make one too, thanks for the tutorial!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

This is beautiful!! Inspired to make one! :) :) xx HOlly

Sylvie Créative - Créations Ma Déco Maison said...