Sep 17, 2010

Submit Your Projects

Have been having internet problems and hope they are over!

I thought it would be fun....
to put together a post with 101 Vintage Sheet Projects.... Sooo  Send me your vintage sheet projects and once I have 101 I will put them all together. 
 I am trying to avoid duplicates so will take the first item of its kind... in other words... if I don't use your item it is nothing personal. You can email your submissions to me at
Projects can be anything..sewing, knitting, art....etc.
Can't wait to see everyones fun projects!


Bellgirl said...

Hello, here's one!:

Bellgirl said...

And another!:

Bellgirl said...

...and one last one:

I'm looking forward to seeing what sort of other things people are making!

an encourager said...

I love vintage sheets. They possess a softness that no modern-day sheet can touch (no pun intended)lol. If I had one, I would make something and enter it. If I find one somewhere, I will get busy.

Warm Hugs Design said...

I emailed you mine but here it is should you want to just click over:

Great idea!

Warm hugs,

Terica said...

Cool blog , I will look through my stuff and try to find a good vintage pic for you.
I am a new follower from Swapbot.
I will be back .
Peace and Happy Swapping, Flowerimpressions