Oct 27, 2010

Everyday Blouse -Tutorial

Today's tutorial is from Stefi of Just Chic.. Her blog has a lot of amazing tutorials, and she sews amazing clothes for her self.  Makes me want to whip up something for myself:)

Take a look at this blouse!Would you guess it's made out of two pillowcases? In case you're wondering how I refashioned some pillowcases into such a great everyday blouse, here is a tutorial to walk you through the project.It's an image tutorial, kind of IKEA style :) : no words (almost no words in my case) just images.

Refashion project: How to transform two pillowcases into a blouse

Step 1: unsew the pillowcases

Step 2: sleeves

Step 3: bottom part

Step 4: top part

Step 5: collar
Final step: sew all the parts together
I hope the photos speak for themselves and you'll be able to figure out the steps, in case you think of sewing a blouse out of pillowcases :)
The choice of books for this photo shoot wasn't by chance. I'm actually surrounded by books two afternoons per week: I volunteered at a library.
Volunteering is a new experience for me, not so common where I come from, but ordinary here in the US. I only started last week so I didn't have much time to get a general impression about it.But I can already tell you this: it's nice to finally be involved in an activity outside our house and, on top of this, help.

Let me assure you that sitting on books isn't one of my tasks as a volunter :)

Thanks for sharing Stefi!