Dec 3, 2010

Another Use for Vintage Sheets

For my daughter Scarlette's fist birthday I did a Pink theme for the party.
I posted all the photos on my other blog if you want to check them out.

I used plain pink vintage sheets that I picked up at estate sales as curtains around my patio.

I used one for a table cloth and one as a back drop to cover the ugly wall:)

I also used them as a back drop for the photo booth.
My nephew under the hat, my sister and my boy Graham.

I also made bunting out of vintage sheets.  I left the sheets up into October I liked them soo much.  I built the green picnic table btw:)

I will be posting some other fun uses that you lovely readers have sent in.  


Dee said...

Oh, what a festive party atmosphere! I love it!

Shimi said...

I am never sure about Buntings. Have gone to make them numerous times but something has stopped me. But these look great, it has changed my mind!!.
Jen & Row