Jan 2, 2011

Reader Submissions of Things Made With VS

Happy New Year, Hope Everyone had happy and safe Holidays!

Remember awhile back I asked for 101 different uses for vintage sheets..... well,  we didn't quite get there, so I decided to feature a few submissions at a time.

First up today is a pet bed made from vintage sheets:
Cat bed 3
This darling bed was made by Heather of Seams of Life, she used a pattern from the book one yard wonders.

Cat bed 2
You can read her whole post about it here. I love how the cat is checking it out:)

Next up we have A quilt and a pillow:
Made by the talented Leah of Handmade Bits and Pieces. Darling quilt and equally darling little one:)
Love the use of the vintage image in the center. Leah makes the most adorable vintage chenille animals.

And one of my favorite submissions: 2 darling dresses made from vintage sheets.

These were made by Kate of Fox Lane.

Not only is the style of these dresses adorable, but the vintage sheets she used are AMAZING.  I would die from happiness to find such beauties!

There are many more fun items to come and if you have something you made from a vintage sheet sent it my way!


Tricia @ Vintage No. 35 said...

Very Cute Ideas!

Kimberly said...

The pet bed is super cute. The rest of the pictures are not loading for me... I tried Safari and Firefox. No luck!

Leah said...

Thanks so much for sharing my creations. I love all of the others too!

Lisa said...

I am having trouble with the pics, too. I can only see the top 3.

The cat bed is adorable!

katie jean said...

I want to make that cat bed! I even have that book. But, make it for my tiny girl or our tiny dog :)