Feb 22, 2011

Monday-Friday Kitchen Towels Tutorial

Today's tutorial is from Amanda of Be Sweet... she is also participating in our giveaway in March...so stay tuned to see what she will be giving away!

I have been in desperate need of some new kitchen towels for oh... say 2 years. So the other night at Target I found these soft ( think Sham-Wow) towels 10 for $10. I loved the bright colors but wanted to spruce them up a little as they usually hang right on my stove for all to see... and well... looks matter. :)

Want to make some? Thought so... 

Grab some towels and fabric you want to look at Monday thru Friday. I picked a vintage pillow case out of my stash since it matched the towels perfectly. 

Next, grab a erasable marker and write out M, T, W,T, F ( I did my free hand but you can use a stencil too) 

Cut them out - OK VERY IMPORTANT - Once they are all cut out get them wet, throw them in the dryer for a bit to erase your marker lines. ( If you don't and iron over them it will set your marker and you will be sad.) 

I used Stitch Witchery to secure them to the towels before stitching around the edge. You dont HAVE to ... but I think it makes it easier. 

Finally, I did a quick zig-zag stitch around the outside and you've got yourself some good-lookin' kitchen towels. :) 

Dont ask me what you are supposed to do about Saturday and Sunday- you're on your own kids. 

Thanks Amanda for a fun tutorial!