Apr 5, 2011

Giveaway Winners Days-17-29

Egads... I got way behind. The whole spring break computer issue made it hard... Sorry!

Somewhere along the line I missed drawing for the VS bunting/pennants .... even though it is not the day 17 giveaway we are calling it that for me to be able to keep track of who goes with who.

Day 17 vs bunting/pennants giveaway is:
Lee said...15

I love her blog - she has great tutuorial - how to make a whole quilt is one of the great ones!

Day 18 winner of the VS patchwork Pocket tote is:
christy said...

i follow Silly pearl on gfc

Day 19 winner of the VS FQ's is:
Sarah said...72

I love her rag quilt purses!

Day 20 winner of  the VS napkins is:
okiedokie said...7

I'm a VS Blog follower.

Lindsay Conner said...20

I follow the VS blog on Facebook

Laura said...128

Thank you for having this give-away! I went over to visit "Little Scraps of Happiness"...what I loved about her blog was all the wonderful ideas for quilting! Such beautiful projects and material...she is really a talented seamstress!

God Bless,

FuNkY MoMmY said...35

I am a follower of the VS blog

domestiCass said...30

I am new follower of this blog as well. I found it through Diary of a Quilter.

Kiley said...98

i'm a follower of katie jean blog. in face, i almost felt famous when she left a comment on MY blog...ha, ha!

Kandice said...134

I posted on the wrong contest day for my last cooment ;) Sorry! My favorite thing in this Shop is the homemade patchwork baby quilt out of oranges and pinks! Thanks for the giveaway!
bufordkyle at hotmail dot com

Anne said...81

Became a follower of Eager Hands' blog.

Hi, I'm Susan! said...9

i'm a VS blog follower!

Melissa said...130

I really like her "Buy Local" market bags:) I love having great bags for shopping.

Emily of A Beautiful Life said...3

I love her shop! The T-shirts are so cool!

Mystica said...52

I like the DIY Bunting Kit Merry Meadow (6 ft of it all!!!!) wow thats heaps.


Kiley said...

Oh, yay! I won the giveaway from Katie Jean. And it was my silly comment, too, about feeling famous! Not sure how you are connecting winners to the hosts and didn't leave my email.


Thanks so much! Kiley

tara said...

I was contacted by the blogger who was giving away the skirt and I sent my address back. I hope I am not the person who you said didnt respond. I did,I did. Tara

Lee said...

Thanks for all the fun! Congrats to everyone and I won the bunting! How exciting! thank you agan.

Sarah said...

Hi! I'm the day 19 winner of the fat quarters! Thanks for hosting the giveaway! Do I need to get in touch with the blogger?

Lee said...

Thanks for the giveaways! I loved that I won the bunting!

Melissa said...

HooRah!!! I get a great scrap pack and I am soooo excited. Thanks so much for hosting:)