Jun 28, 2011

Ruffly Pillow Cover Tutorial

This tutorial is actually by MOI.. Crazy I know. 
 Accuquilt was nice enough to offer me a GO! Baby die cut machine if I used it for a tutorial... So here it is. I was so excited to get the GO! Baby... it works amazingly and is so simple that my kids can operate it.

All White Vintage Sheet Ruffly Pillow Cover Tutorial.

This has probably been done before somewhere in blog land... but I really wanted to make this.

Materials: Fabric- I used a white vintage sheet.  You will need around two yards of fabric for ruffles.. you need the length.
Pillow form, thread and regular sewing notions.

This is the finished Product.

Start with a pillow form.. Mine is 16"x16".

Cut out a front for your pillow adding an inch all the way around for 1/2" seam allowances. Notice my sweet Scarlette Grace under the table... such a helper.

Cut out two pieces for the back. When you put the two together they should measure 17" tall(or your pillow height) and 24" wide or 6-7" bigger than your front.

Now on to the fun part with my new GO! Baby. I got to choose 3 dies, So I chose a square,triangle and the 2.5" strips.

Here is my fabric layered on the die getting ready to be cut. You can cut up to 6 layers of fabric. AMAZING!!!

Follow this link to get your free patterns.

You cover the die and the fabric with a cutting mat before it goes through the machine. 
This made strip cutting sooooo fast.. can't wait to use it for quilt binding.
  You just turn the handle and....

This is what comes out.. I took off the excesses scraps from the sides, which you will see in the next picture.

 Very little waste.

My lovely assistant once again being super helpful..

Then you are going to ruffle up your strips. I chose not to finish the edges as I like the frayed look. I have a ruffler foot for my machine which is sooo worth it. If you don't have one you can do the old school method of gathering.  Turn you stitch to the widest width and sew down the middle of the strip... do not back stitch... then pull one thread to make desired gathers.

I made 7 ruffled strips for my pillow.. you can do more or less depending on size of pillow and desired effect.

 Set ruffles aside for a minute...

Take one of your pillow back pieces and serg or zig zag one of the vertical edges, then fold over at least an inch and sew in place.  Repeat this on other back piece. These new  finished edges will be the opening for the back of your pillow.

 Overlap back pieces about 4" and machine stitch bottom and top edge 1/4" seam allowance.

This is how you back should look on the inside. Set aside.

Now pin ruffles to pillow front.. Making sure to pin first and last ruffle at least 1" from top and bottom edges.

Stitch ruffles in place

With right sides together pin pillow front to back, making sure to catch ruffles in outside edges but not bottom or top

I then serged all the way around inside to make it look nice, you could also zig zag.

Stuff pillow form inside and....
 now you have an amazing pillow!!

It looks cute with ruffles going either way.

The back.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial and keep your eyes open for an amazing giveaway in the next few days!


Sue D said...

Very cute pillow!

Theophanie said...

That is beautiful! I love ruffled pillows. Congratulations on your AccuQuilt. I want one sooooo bad!