Aug 9, 2011

Baby Week- Featuring Vintage Sheet Burp Cloths

Day two of baby week... and we have some darling burp cloths made by Candace of Sparkle Power. Homemade burpies are the best and even that much cuter when they are made with VS!


She backed them with white flannel.... so perfect for absorption and softness.

Thanks for sharing Candace!!!


Mommarock said...

Oh now that idea has got to go into the grandma box.. What is a grandma box? I'm not a grandma yet.. and so I have to make things for when I am gonna be a grandma someday!.. Love these sooooooooo much! Bright colorful and much nicer than what I used as burp rags!

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

These are beautiful!! I just found you in Pinterest and I'm looking forward to reading your past posts. I hope you and your honey are having a great vacation alone and trying not to think of the kids too much. : )

~ Wendy