Aug 14, 2011

Baby Week- Featuring a Vintage Sheet Bonnet

Last day of baby week here on the VS blog and this might be my favorite project....
Cathy of Blueberry Patch submitted this darling baby bonnet she made with VS...

Can't you just picture sweet baby cheeks peeking out of it!

She used this pattern and modified it a bit... read what she did here.

Baby week was so much fun.. it was also a great way to showcase some different items made from VS!

If anyone has a fun idea for another themed week.. shoot me and email.  

And there is another exciting giveaway coming soon!


Steph said...

Just caught up with all the cute baby projects you posted! Everyone did a beautiful job! It was so inspiring to see vintage sheets used in so many ways!

I wish I had made bonnets for my girls. This one is just melting my heart!

Christina said...

Cathy the bonnet is adorable!!!

Seek First said...

These are so cute!

I have a fun giveaway going on for a
$10 credit to my etsy shop. You should come by and enter!