Aug 31, 2011

Theme Week for Next Week is......


I got tons of fun ideas... thanks everyone that left comments.... we will be doing some of them at here and there.

Can't wait to see every ones fun apron designs.

Only a couple of requirements:
They must be made from vintage sheets... they can have other fabric mixed in but predominately VS please.
Please send photos of item, a little description, a link to your tutorial, your blog link.
If you are trying to promote your shop this is not the time, I will only link back to blogs... Check advertising link if you wish to promote a shop. .. There will also be a giveaway link coming soon for people who wish to sponsor a giveaway. If you don't have a blog you can still submit.

Accepting submissions now... so send um in!!!

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Christa said...

Just to clarify ... Are you looking for tutorials? Or just a big long linky list of aprons we've made from vintage sheets?

I'm only asking because I've made a few, but they're pretty easy and probably don't even require a tutorial.

Also, would you prefer that we e-mail them to you, or are you going to check the VS Blog Flickr group?

Thanks! :)

Deb said...

Oh! I love the idea of aprons from vintage sheets. I recently scored at the local Goodwill...and still have them secretly stashed in my car trunk (unbeknownst to my husband). I think I may look through my apron patterns...decisions, decisions!

Angie said...

I LOVE making aprons... check out this one I made from a vintage sheet and material scraps for a little girl's 4 year old birthday.