Aug 24, 2011

Vintage Sheet Party Decor

Just wanted to share my use of Vintage sheets in Scarlette's Beach Birthday Party.

I made this beach blanket especially for the party.. I love how it turned out and  we have since used it again at the beach... the best part about it... other than being pretty .. is the sand doesn't stick to shakes right off!

Vintage sheet streamers tied on a string... these were mostly all just scraps and some ribbon mixed in.
Only bummer was it was a bit windy!!

Vintage sheet table cloth, Vintage sheet corner curtains and Vintage sheet Ruffle garlands- made by moi!

You can see rest of party pics over on my other blog.


Katkoot said...

I love the blanket! I made a vintage sheet blanket and used a flat sheet as backing with an old acrylic blanket as batting in the middle. Just curious-- how did you do yours? vI'm thinking about making another (OK let's be real, 3 more) and was looking for ideas.