Oct 1, 2011

Anyone want to...

Submit some guest posts?  
I am super crazed with the move and can't even see straight... please submit your guest posts to me via email... please write your post in blogger and send to me in the html format, so I can easily post to blogger...Please send only items made from vintage sheets.

We are also getting really close to 1000  followers and I would love to have a fun giveaway once we hit that number, so if you would like to supply an item for the giveaway please let me know.

Sorry things have been so quite here... hoping this will give us a fun boost!


Sonja said...

Hi Jen,
Love your Blog, you got me hooked on VS. I live in the middle of MO. I amy always shoppin the 3 thrift shops we have here, it's not easy.I collected a few and did put a easy first VS quilt together.Here is my first.....http://mawsonsalwaysmoving.blogspot.com/2011/09/first-vintage-sheet-quilt.html
I love your sight and also got my sister collecting VS.