Oct 6, 2011

Guest Post- Journal Cover

This fun post is from my friend and blog designer Heather Bluhm of Bluhm Studios. She is currently working on some new buttons and a few other changes to give the VS blog a face lift. EXCITING!

On to her post...

Like many of you, I have a love lust for vintage sheets. I see them all over Pinterest and blogs and there are so many fabulously creative things made from them that it makes me want to lock myself in my studio for days to try everything. When Jen posted her plea for guest bloggers I knew I wanted to help her out so I dug into my picture file and pulled out these pictures of a journal I made using a vintage sheet for the cover.

I was super excited the day I found this sheet. It was at our local hospital auxiliary shop, where I often run across cool vintage sheets. The colors were so fun and shabby and the sheet is BIG so it has given me lots of yardage to play with. I have a pillow floating around somewhere that uses a few scraps of this as well. 

The cover is essentially made by making a sort of "pillow case" for a board insert that wraps around the journal. The signatures are sewn into the cover by my machine in this instance. I like to use lots of recycled papers, envelopes, etc for my pages, as you can see below. I liked the sheet had a top band with a bit of piping before the stripes started so I just cut it as was and then added some lace to the edge of the flap. I embellished it with some crumpled tulle, fabric scraps and vintage lace. Its pretty simple compared to some of my books but I like the effect and the entire things closes with velcro.

What have YOU made with vintage sheets lately??

Thanks Heather for taking time from your busy schedule to write up a post for me:)


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Cute! I did a ton of my sil's baby shower with vintage sheets, it turned out so cute!

cottonreel said...

I use sheets and shirts and all kind of bits and pieces , check my blog for older posts , I also use flannelette sheets