Oct 4, 2011

Guest Post- Using Solid Vintage Sheets

Today's fun post is from Michelle from Michelle's Romantic Tangle..... There may be something exciting going on at her blog... so go check it out.

When you're searching thrift stores and estate sales for vintage sheets, don't forget to look at the solids. There are some great percale cottons out there that you can use for the sashings and backgrounds of your vintage sheet quilts. Or, if you find a color you really love, make a two color quilt. Instructions for the quilt shown are here.

The sheets may or may not have their labels. What you're really hoping to find is 100% percale cotton. The nicest ones are as good or better than brand new cotton from the quilt shop and can be found in some great vintage colors. But I don't worry about if it's 100% cotton or not -- as long as it feels nice and the price is right, it'll find its way into my sewing room.

I've found the best solid sheets at estate sales. A couple of times it was whole closets full that they were practically giving away. After finding that  first closet and leaving most of it behind, I learned the hard way that there's no such thing as too many white sheets in my stash, not if they're wonderful sturdy cotton with no stains.  When I'm busy quilting, I can go through yards and yards of the stuff. 
In addition to sashings and backgrounds, I use solid sheets as backings and bindings for my own quilts. The cotton can be difficult to wrestle a hand needle through, but to have a binding that matches the rest of my quilt, I'm willing to struggle a bit with a thimble.

Find yourself some solids -- they're a great addition to your vintage sheet stash!

Thanks Michelle!


Jo said...

I love this...two color quilts are a favorite of mine!!

Jenny said...

I agree, BUT make sure you know whether you're purchasing a vintage or modern era solid (my thrift store has plenty of both, intermingled).

Modern solids can be very useful, but are extremely hard to hand sew on, due to the dense thread count. It will make a HUGE difference if you hand sew the binding to the quilt back, for example. I've made that mistake before and cursed the whole way as I pushed that needle through with a thimble and all my strength. Over and over again!

So vintage solids, yes!

Christa said...

The great thing about these vintage solids is that they'll match some of the vintage prints that don't match with newer fabrics very well.

I've begun to pick them up, too. They're also great for lining bags, if you make them with vintage sheets.

Thanks for the great post, and I'm going to check out her blog as soon as I'm done commenting. :)

allycat79225 said...

No argument there. They also make nice clothing. My kids can go through alot of clothing. With vintage sheets the possibilities are endless. Thank you for posting this.

Debra said...

Man i have been omitting this, thanks for the heads up!! Love your quilt, pretty!