Nov 4, 2011

Future of The Vintage Sheet Blog

Yes, I am alive and we are all moved if not settled into our second new home this year...  I am sooo over moving!
I am feeling extremely overwhelmed these days with all my regular mom duties and un-packing and moving into the new house... and now trying to home Pre school my son so he can go to kindergarten next fall, on top of it all my friend Lisa  and I are getting a large booth space in Jan. in a local antique shop... which I need to do to help out our family's bottom line... and some how not neglect my personal blog... and  do what I enjoy most....making things some where in all that. 

In the process of all this I feel like the Vintage Sheet Blog is getting neglected and not living up to its fullest potential.

Here is where you come in.... I am looking for someone who wants to take over the vintage sheet blog and take it to new heights.  It would be really amazing to have someone running it who actually has time to make amazing things out of vintage sheets and post about them as well as everyone else's amazing VS creations.

If you are interested please email me your proposal and ideas for the VS blog to

I feel like this is the best plan for the Vintage Sheet Blog.