Jan 5, 2012

It's All About the Aprons

My mother has been collecting aprons for years. She has aprons for every holiday. There are full aprons and half aprons. And, some are more loved than others. I've been pinning some cute vintage sheet aprons for inspiration. I'm thinking Mother's Day gift maybe. Anyways, here are some fun vintage sheet and pillowcase apron inspiration pieces:

Full Aprons

Jen's little girl aprons are beautiful

Half Aprons


The Vintage Sheet Blog hosted an Apron Week in 2010.
Some of you submitted some beautiful homemade aprons from vintage sheets and pillowcases. Check out:
Are you in apron love? Do you like the full aprons or are you a half apron person? My go-to apron is full I think I might need to try some of the half styles.



Christa said...

I love aprons, too. My favorites are the full aprons, since I tend to wipe my hands on my aprons AND spill things on myself. I also tend to bake and cook in some of my favorite clothes, so I need the protection of the full aprons. :)

I love experimenting with designs to get the look of designer aprons with my own "patterns" (which usually consist of one pattern piece and ripping the rest of the fabric into rectangles).

I recently tackled a really pretty ruffled design, and now I'm working on the top like Amanda's Cute Wrap Apron. It's a lot of fun, and they make *great* gifts!

Warm Hugs Design said...

Heather thanks for having my tutorial on VS blog again. I love all the apron photos you posted - inspiring me...off to sew!

Warm hugs,