Jan 21, 2012

Jamma Bottoms Part 2

So, I shared that I made pajama bottoms for my family for Christmas gifts using Tamara's Don't Get Out of Bed Tutorial. I didn't share the bottoms that I made for my mum, niece and oldest sister (I have 3 sisters.)

Jamma bottoms for my mum, niece, and oldest sister
I also didn't share my sewing mishaps. I took a day off of work to sew. I called it "Sew Day." I thought I had the whole day planned out so I could get 5 jammas done in one day.  The plan was to start with my mum's pajamas but I didn't follow Tamara's rule about stretching the waist out when making a pattern so the waist came out too small.  In fact, it was too small for 3 people and too big for the other 2. Basically, it would only fit me. I was hitting myself that I took a day off of work to sew myself a pair of pj bottoms.

Jamma bottoms for my teenage sisters
The next tricky part was making my little sisters' bottoms because they live in Arizona and I didn't have pants to make a pattern. Using their measurements and my own skinniest pair of pants as a guide, I made their pants. I ended up taking in the sides multiple times trying to get the right amount of skinny for my youngest sister. The other sister got cuffed pj's because I made them too long.

When I made the pattern for my oldest sister's pj's (top picture, right hand side), I forgot to stretch out the crotch. So, I had to patch a crotch piece on. Luckilly her pants have a very busy pattern so it's not obvious.

Holy moly, what a process. But, I got them all finished in time for Christmas. Everyone loves them and no one can tell all the oops that happened along the way. Moral of the story: Follow Tamara's pattern and tips.


kimmie's quilt's said...

Love the pj bottoms they turned out so cute!

Lindsay said...

I also love those PJ's, you did a great job! And yes, I have MANY oops's and blonde moments, especially when I first learned how to sew zippers. I really had an issue visualizing how it would look once the zipper was in, so I would end up with right sides on the wrong side, zipper sides exposed, haha! I've gotten much better though, thankfully : )

Katkoot said...

So cute! My worst mishaps are usually sewing things too close to the edge and missing it entirely or sewing things backwards lol.