Feb 1, 2012

Great Vintage Sheet Weekend

You know you've had a good weekend of vintage sheet thrifting when your laundry line looks like this on Tuesday morning:

I was visiting some friends out of town and stumbled upon what I'll call "Thrift Shop Row." There were 5 thrift shops within walking distance of each other. I picked up about 2 sheets at each store. Score!
So, I'm thinking about writing a post with all of our tips for scoring vintage sheets. Help me out please. How do you find your vintage sheets? Online? Thrift Stores? Estate or garage sales? Do you shop when you are out of town? How do you find great stores? What do you look for as far as size, quality, condition, etc.?

Any other tips? I think it will be a fun post.



Jenny said...

I get mine from Goodwill. I wish I didn't, because they're more expensive, but I can trust that they are nice and clean (though I do clean them quite a bit more at home), and I don't get around to do much yard saling or estate saling. Our independent thrift stores don't carry many vintage sheets.

I used to cast a pretty wide net for vintage sheets, but I got overloaded and ended up having to weed some out and send them BACK to the thrift store, so I am more discriminating now. I have found it difficult to quilt with sheets that are too thin, so I don't get those. I try to lay off the ones that are too faded, and I don't get pilly ones because they make my skin crawl. I don't care what size it is, or whether it is fitted or flat, since it will most likely end up in small pieces.

Lani said...

I always hint for thrift stores when I'm out of town. Sometimes I will go out of town for the specific purpose of thrifting. I have a yardsale and thrift shop tracker app on my phone that I swear by to help me look for out of town shops. I also hit up old estate sales and go to thrift stores that I usually score big at least once a week. I pick up anything from napkin sized to California King. I figure any vintage linen can be used in any sewing project.

Awesome finds!

lynaeve said...

great post! I'm interested in what everyone says. i just started sewing, and my first fabric was a few sheets I found. Then I started looking online and found your blog. Ever since them I've been on the lookout for vintage sheets because they are just so pretty and frugal. But I've yet to find any. :(

Anna said...

that's a great take!

Carly said...

Hey Heather,

I'd love to share my thoughts on vintage sheets. I find my v.s at thrift stores generally! Tag sales and estate sales sometimes too. I haven't bought online because of cost and shipping! I'm not super picky on quality if the price is right because I could at the least use for them for scraps! I do use the internet a lot to find new thrift stores in different areas!
Have a Suneday!
Carly@ swtvintagelove.blogspot.com

Carly said...

Awesome finds! Lovely pics!

Deb said...

Wow!! I am so jealous! What beautiful sheets you found!! Me? I tend to mostly find mine at thrift shops, only because I never seem to make to estate sales while there are still sheets left!! Next summer I hope to look for some at garage sales.

Cassandra {Sleeping or Sewing} said...

My consistent scores are at thrift stores (no luck at Goodwill). Very rarely do I find any at garage or estate sales.

I've gotten picky with my vintage sheets and want them covered in color. I steer away from fitted sheets unless it's fully colored. Most of the time it seems that the fitted sheet looses a lot of it's yardage with the fitted corners and elastic edges.

Last time I went out of town I almost expected a gold mine since they were stores I haven't yet stripped of vintage sheets, and after visiting 5 stores I walked away empty handed.

I scored a gorgeous one today, king and covered in bright wonderful colors.

craftytammie said...

i'm always looking! i love city wide garage sale days, and small town church thrift stores. i try to buy flat sheets only - they see much less wear than fitted sheets and pillowcases.

Julie B. said...

I don't have any luck at my Goodwill. I wonder if I should try a different one. I find most at Savers (a thrift retail store) and a few at small thrift stores. I'd love to go to estate sales but its the time involved to find them, sometimes wait for a number, etc. With 3 kids, I don't get to hunt as much as I'd like :)

Mom Taxi Julie said...

We have a bunch of hospice thrift stores around here. I've been going to the one down the street from my work a lot, like at least once a week (great stress re-leaver ;)). I'm always finding great VS there! Now I just need to get busy and do something with them all!

Katkoot said...

I get mine at Goodwill-- it's the only thrift store in town! I plan on trying out some yard sales though later in the season.

plantgb said...

I live in Africa, and my only option for western-style sheets (both for our beds and for my sewing) are open-air second-hand stores full of sheets and old clothes shipped in bales from somewhere in Europe. I have found some awesome gems there some days, but other times all I see are hideous cast-aways too worn to waste time sewing with.

I just finished a skirt today that I made for myself out of a blue table cloth i got from those markets. My first garment that was cut on the bias. Very proud!

Cathy said...

I get mine at area thrift stores and generally use them as quilt backs. I've noticed lately that a lot of items I used to commonly find at thrift stores - not just sheets - are in short supply these days. I work too much so don't travel much but if and when I do I visit the thrift stores/antique shops in other areas. I like a lot of vintage linens.


I live in the MD/VA/DC area and get most of mine at a chain of thrift stores called Unique and Value Village. I have no luck with Goodwill and very little with out of town thrifts, estate sales, yard or garage sales. I'm always on the lookout for wild/unusual ones and any colors but yellow and brown.

You may have better luck at estate sales if you get there early. One girl in my area even goes on Freecycle and asks for them ! If you do have luck at yard and estate sales, try using craigslist to find the sales. The sellers often post what they have or a phone # you can call.

There are also several sellers on Etsy!

Happy Hunting!
Bonnie (auntbonniescloset)

SAMZE said...

Sometimes places are great, sometimes not. I think you have to have good timing. Consistently, I find good stuff at Savers. Goodwill is a hit and miss. I love garage sales, white elephants, rummage sales, & local community thrift stores. Especially in older neighborhoods. For me, I enjoy the hunt just as much as the find. he he he!

I also find lovely stuff on line. :)

Christie S. said...

Curious to know what the going price for vintage sheets are. I'm fairly new to searching for them.