Mar 13, 2012

Vintage Sheet Ruffle Quilt Inspired

It makes me so happy to hear that someone was inspired by something that they saw on the Vintage Sheet Blog. I'm even happier when I get an email with a picture of something created from VSB inspiration.

Jolene's version
Jolene emailed me last week with a link to her finished vintage sheet ruffle quilt on her blog, Sew It's Finished. Love it!
Melissa's version
In 2010, Melissa Haworth was featured on the Vintage Sheet Blog with her vintage sheet ruffle quilt.

Jolene says, "That quilt gave me a 'vintage sheet' bug!  I can't quit collecting them and searching for them!  Anyway... I collected for quite some time to make my girls and I each a ruffle throw."

You can read the Vintage Sheet Blog interview with Melissa here. You can also read her posts about her quilt here and here. Melissa also sells her pattern in her etsy store, Haworth Handmade.

Thank you so much, Jolene for sharing your Vintage Sheet Blog inspired creation.

Have you been inspired to make something from the Vintage Sheet Blog? Send me an email with a link or a picture. :) 



Lisa said...

That looks really lovely. The ruffle quilts must be quite heavy and warm.