Mar 22, 2012

Vintage Sheets in France

Vintage Sheets are an international sensation. Check out this cute reversible dress from Emilie from France.

Emilie created this darling dress for her daughter from a vintage pillowcase and a man's shirt. Upcycling at it's best! I love the little pocket in the front.

Emilie's blog is in French so I used Babelfish to translate it to English. The funny thing is that it translated into British English. I'm not only American but I'm Californian. So, I actually understood the French better than the British English translation. ha ha ha.

Anyhoo, Emilie's blog, Ep!!Ep!! is full of recycled and repurposed clothing and other items. She is very creative.

Thanks Emilie for sharing.

btw, we will be doing the Weekend Link Up Party next weekend instead of this weekend. That was we won't run into Easter weekend and you have an extra week to get your vintage sheet projects ready to share.



Emilie said...

Thank you so much for your article!!!

Lisa said...

I work in a charity store one day a week and the pillowslips/pillowcases piles are huge and there are so many cute ones, just wish I had a little girl to make a cute summer slip dress for!