Apr 24, 2012

Vintage Sheet Gifts for Mom

Mom's always seem to love homemade gifts. From noodle necklaces to mod podge flower pots, mom's love what we make. And, mom's love what other people make "custom" for moms and that is where Etsy can be a real blessing. Here are some fun gift ideas for the mother in your life:

A Lovely Apron
Fabric Covered Hangers

A Pretty Bath Robe
A Handmade Shoe Bag

A Steering Wheel Cover

A Teething Necklace

A Family Frame

A Pair of Slippers

Fabric Covered Cans

Some Fabric Covered File Folders

A Fabric Notebook/Diary

A Charging Basket
Don't forget your vintage sheet tag!
Don't you love it! What is your favorite project for mom?

Now, get your sheet scraps out and get crafting for mom. Or, get shopping. Mom deserves something handmade with love.