May 3, 2012

We've Been Featured

And by we I mean you. :)

10 wonderful vintage sheet projects were featured today on Modern Kiddo.

If you haven't been to Modern Kiddo you are in for a real treat. And by treat I mean spending hours you should be doing something super important spent drooling over vintage photos like this:


This was taken when vintage sheets weren't called vintage sheets; they were just called sheets. Love it!

Anyways, thank you for the shout out, Modern Kiddo.

Stay tuned faithful readers, I have a cool round up coming very soon. I think you'll like this one.


~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

lovely post!! I'm off to visit Modern Kiddo!! :) Have a great weekend! xo Holly

JAH said...

LOVE this! Great to meet your blog via spring fling!