Jun 1, 2012

Vintage Sheets From Boys to Men

Vintage sheets aren't all pink girly-girl florals. In honor of Father's Day I'm posting some fun items I found around the web for the men in our lives made from vintage sheets. Enjoy!

Vintage Sheet Boy Fashion

Boys can rock the florals, especially if they are in the under 8 crowd. The florals work best if they are mixed with solids or a check or stripe and are used on a can't-mistake-for-a-girl item.

The first two pictures are perfect examples of florals working on boys. Click on the links, Elsie is a master at vintage sheet boys fashions.
I love the little pose this guy is doing. The pocket totally makes the shirt.
We have a famous surf shop in my town called HSS (Huntington Surf and Sport.) I can totally imagine these shorts in there.
I love European style. These overalls with vintage sheet details are adorable.
This little guy is darling. I love the vintage sheet pants in the patchwork print.
 And, everyone loves jammies made from vintage sheets.
Vintage Sheet Fashion for Men
Real men wear vintage sheets.

Not only does Peter wear vintage sheets, vintage sheets are his choice fabric to sew into shirts, shorts, and just about everything else.
I love this paper airplane inspired detail on the back of a man's shirt. Great use of striped vintage sheets.
Cool floral ties aren't just for the masters, they are also for the misters. I love these examples.
If your guy is more sporty then this baseball tie might be more his thing.
Vintage Sheet Boy Home Decor
Vintage sheets are also perfect for inexpensive and unique boys rooms. I LOVE these Smokey the Bear sheets turned into a duvet cover. Love, love, love.

Pretty awesome, right? I hope that you have enjoyed the little tribute to boys and men. Would your man (or boy) wear floral?


Quiltingranny said...

Thanks for some great pics and ideas Heather!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Wonderful use of those vintage sheets! :) Smiles, Holly

donna said...

Oh my gosh I just found your blog. I am so in love. You have wonderful ideas. I am your newest follower and I will be back often.