Jul 19, 2012

Pillowcase Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial and Giveaway

I love projects that start with a pillowcase. I feel like I am starting off half-done. I fell in love with Brenda's sewing machine cover made from a pillowcase. I saw more examples of her cute covers and knew I wanted to make one. I asked Brenda for a tutorial and she agreed!

The following tutorial is by Brenda of JaLaRu Blog and JaLaRu Shop.

Sewing Machine Cover from a Pillowcase Tutorial

Start by picking a pillowcase you like. I like the ones that have borders.
The finished size should be 24.5" long and 18.5" wide. On this pillowcase I trimmed 5.5" inches from the top. (This will depend on the size of your pillowcase.
Then trimmed 3" off the side.
Turn inside out and sew .5" seam across the top and down the side. Then trim the corner. Turn inside out and press.
I found some embroidery pieces from an old dresser scarf and cut out each individual one. Position and zig zag stitch around all the edges.
Here's a close up.
Cut 4 pieces of ribbon 9.5" long. Measure down from the top 6" and measure bottom up 6". Then sew the ribbon on the back side of the pillowcase. (Two on each side of the pillowcase.)
It should look something like this when you finish.
Tie ribbons in a bow and you have a sewing machine cover.
Brenda is so generous. She is offering her sewing machine cover to one lucky Vintage Sheet Blog reader. :)

Win Brenda's Sewing Machine Cover.
Entries must be posted by Monday, July 23rd at 10 p.m. my time (Pacific).
There are two ways to win:

1. Visit Brenda's blog JaLaRu and pick a favorite project made with a vintage sheet. (Leave a comment here for 1 entry.)

2. Visit Brenda's blog and pick a favorite project made from a vintage pillowcase. (Leave a comment here for 1 entry.)

Thank you so much, Brenda for sharing your tutorial and for the giveaway. I am thinking of making some covers for my friends who sew.


lynaeve said...

I LOVE the quilt

AlyceB said...

The embroidered pillow cases that Brenda sells are beautiful!

AlyceB said...

And how can I go past that vintage sheet quilt?! Stunning!

Gill said...

I love your machine cover!
Brenda has mad a great ironing board cover from a sheet - perfect timing as my ironing board cover looks even worse than hers did before she covered it!

Gill said...

I like Brenda's spring purse she has made from a pillowcase - she certainly finds some great vintage fabrics!

Linda S. said...

The quilt made from vintage sheets is my favorite!

Linda S. said...

I love the purse made from a pillowcase, and the pjs for little girls

Kwilty Pleasures said...

Ironing board cover is lovely...I love vintage sheets.....grew up with them so they take me to a special time in my life.

Kwilty Pleasures said...

Love the ironing board cover. Vintage sheets take me back to my childhood bed.....

hueisei said...

Love the Vintage Sheet quilt.

jaime ♥ raising up rubies said...

thank you for the inspiration! i have a bit of a love for vintage sheets myself :) a sewing machine cover is on my to-do list!
♥ much love

annemarie said...

I love the ironing board cover made from a vintage sheet - I need to do is!

annemarie said...

I love the sewing machine cover made from the pillowcase - ingenious idea!