Jul 7, 2012

Vintage Sheet Rag Rugs

Brand new Vintage Sheet Blog reader, Sherry Minkowski sent me some great pictures of her vintage sheet creations. Sherry loves making rag rugs with her daughter. They tear sheets into 1 or 1.25" continuous strips and crochet them with a big N hook into rugs.

Vintage Sheet Rag Rugs

photo courtesy of Sherry Minkowski

Rag rugs are fun and functional. And, they can be made inexpensively with vintage sheets.

photo courtesy of Sherry Minkowski

Sherry says that the rag rugs "hold up forever, are easily washable, absorb a lot of water so they're good for the bathroom, and feel soft and cushiony underfoot."

photo courtesy of Sherry Minkowski

They love to give the rugs as gifts. Sherry says, "We've given rugs to all our friends, all of whom have dogs."

photo courtesy of Sherry Minkowski

Sherry says that the dogs often end up taking over the rugs. Her niece's jack russell terrier dragged the rug up onto the bed and under the covers. Sounds like a cozy place for a dog.

photo courtesy of Sherry Minkowski

It looks like I have another vintage sheet project to add to my someday list. Thank you so much, Sherry for sharing your beautiful handmade rag rugs. They are wonderful.


allycat79225 said...

Great idea. Looks like a fun project.


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LindaSonia said...

If she runs out of people to give a rug to, I'm available!! :)

MyReflections said...

I love the idea of using vintage sheets for making rag rugs. I normally purchase rolls of fabric called Mill End strips. It's from fabric cut while the machines make sheets, curtains, and other linens. They are already cut into 2" strips or bigger or wider. Rag Rugs always get better the more you launder them. Happy Crafting!

Daisy Rogers said...

Great idea for making the Rugs. It would be the best info for the starter who love to use the home made rugs
Thanks for the idea