Jul 14, 2012

Vintage Sheet Tribute to Comic Con

image from Maxx Silly Vintage
This weekend is a big weekend for geeks everywhere-It's Comic-Con International weekend! So, to celebrate, I've found a few awesome creations made from vintage sheets with wonderful comic images. Enjoy.

Comic Wear

A major part of Comic-Con International is the costumes. Some people go to the extremes to dress as their favorite comic book heros and villans. Others choose a more subtle tribute. I love these comic themed wearables.

I would totally wear this dress. I love the Wonder Woman inspired belt. I would accessorize it with my bullet deflecting bracelets (if I had some.)
Cindy wore her Clone Wars dress to celebrate Geek Pride Day. Cindy always knows how to rock the geek chic. This dress is another creative example of her mix of vintage sheets and vintage sewing patterns.
This cool Wolverine shirt would make a big POW! at Comic-Con. It's a t-shirt with an appliqued Wolverine from a vintage sheet.
I love guys who wear glasses, so naturally Superman is my favorite Super Hero. Although, I'm more inclined to Clark Kent. He's geeky and a little awkward-like me. :) This is a cute circle skirt made from a vintage sheet.
I cry every time I watch E.T. I love that little alien. Doesn't he look adorable on this dress?
My spidey senses love these spiderman lounging pants. And look-pockets!


Comic Accessories
Comic fans have a lot of gear to carry so why not carry your gear in style.

These great bags have some familiar characters. I'm pretty sure all the boys in my 3rd grade class wore a ripped t-shirt with their chest painted green for Halloween, Hulk style. I was Princess Leia two years in a row.

Look, it's a Thing purse to hold all of your things. It's fantastic times four.

You can certainly trust Captain Spock with your money. A Spock chain wallet just makes good sense for your dollars and cents. Live long and prosper.
Comics around the house
What bachelor pad would be complete without a Superman shower curtain? You'll have to check out her other bathroom themes. They are out of this world.


Cowabunga! It's a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pot holder. I'm sure Ralph will help you chop those veggies if you ask him nicely.

I'm not smurfing around, this pillow is so fun. I haven't seen the new movie but I used to love watching the Smurfs every Saturday morning. Tra la la lalala la la la la la.

Nothing kicks more butt than a blanket made from a vintage G.I. Joe sheet and fake fur.
Finally, here is a Star Wars quilt. I love the solid stripes mixed with the classic Star Wars images. It will protect you from the cold as well as rebel spies.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today. Who is your favorite comic character?


Liz Taylor said...

Awesome finds!!

Mimi said...

Wow! That's quite the collection! My favorite characters are the Peanuts Gang!!! Especially Joe Cool!!!

adayinthelife said...

Love this post. Great inspiration.



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Longvacation said...

That was very cool to see all of the neat items made from comic sheets.

Rebecca said...

So much fun! Thanks for sharing.

retrorevival.biz said...

Oooh, I'd wear that dress too! What a fun post! My fave is Wonder Woman:)


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Hi, I think we might have a common interest! Love all the ideas you have on your blog! Ada :)