Aug 7, 2012

Mommy and Me Vintage Sheet Pajama Pants

Mommy and Me Vintage Sheet Pajama Pants

Life has some funny coincidences sometimes. While I was at a family reunion in Salt Lake City, Utah, I received an email from Lauren, a blogger from Salt Lake City, Utah sharing her latest vintage sheet creation. Lauren made adorable pajama bottoms for herself and her cutie patootie daughter.
She has a different way of making her pajama bottoms than Tamara's famous Don't Get Out of Bed Pants so you should check it out as another option. I like her drawstring and the cute sheet she chose.
And, omg, baby Harper is soooo cute! Lots more pictures and inspiration on Lauren's blog, Ruthie Pearl.

Thanks for sharing, Lauren.


Rebecca said...

So adorable Lauren. Thanks for sharing! said...

So cute! Doesn't it make your heart sing when people share their pix?!