Aug 4, 2012

Vintage Sheet Chevron and ZigZag

Have you caught the chevron bug yet? I'm loving all the different clothing and homegoods with chevron patterns. A variation on the chevron is the zigzag. Here is some creative inspiration from around the web. Click on the source link for more info. Enjoy!

Zig Zag Quilts

There are lots of different tutorials and variations on the zigzag quilt. Here are a few of my favorites.

Most of you know how truly talented Jennifer, the creator of the Vintage Sheet Blog is but her rainbow zigzag quilt is gorgeous!

This is another very pretty zigzag quilt from a new-to-me blog. I love finding new inspiration sources.
Evelyn is a big fan of the zig zag quilt. So much so that she started a Flickr group just for zigzag quilts. Here's one example but here's another.

Yellow is such a happy color :)  I love how the wide yellow border ties together all the cute yellows in the vintage sheet zigzags.

This quilter shows how the zigzag quilt doesn't have to be all the girly pastel vintage sheets. This quilt uses a more neutral palette.
I love the colors on this one. But, I've said it before, Liz is the master at color combos. Check out her other zigzag quilts here and here.
For those of you who feel inspired to make a vintage sheet zigzag quilt but don't want to hassle with all the measuring, cutting, and collecting vintage sheet fabric you can order a kit. Mary even lets you choose your color combo.
This is another more neutral zigzag quilt. I love the harvest tones of the vintage sheets that she chose.
I think I've mentioned it before that blue and yellow are my favorite color combo. I don't post a whole bunch of pictures of myself but I wear blue and white stripes with a hint of yellow almost every weekend.
Chevron Pillows
Maybe you are thinking, "whoa Heather, that's too much chevron." Well, how about a pillow?

I love this pillow with British vintage sheets. The blues look so lovely with the purples.
Pink chevrons are delightful.
Transform a striped sheet into a chevron pillow. It looks so fresh and modern.

Add Some Zig to Your Zag
There are some really fun clothing items to make or purchase that feature cute chevron prints.

I love the cute pockets on this dress.
Here's my favorite color combo on an apron. It looks very vintage chic.
Here's a little tutorial for turning a fitted striped sheet into a chevron skirt.
Another adorble chevron vintage sheet dress. This time only the bodice is chevron. Love it! I would totally wear this to church.
This is a cute pillowcase zigzag dress. It is so simple and summery.

Carry Your Zigs and Zags

Again, if you are just into a hint of chevron, how about a vintage sheet chevron bag?

I love this vintage sheet and denim bag. The inside is lined with vintage sheet.
Here is another wonderful chevron project by Liz. I love the bright vintage sheet patterns against the neutral background. You should also check out her latest chevron quilt. So cute!
Are you convinced yet? What is your favorite chevron or zigzag project?

This little collection took me a while to assemble. This coming week I'll post some fun project features, a guest blogger tutorial, and a weekend link party.

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When I think chevron, I think more modern. This post has changed my mind! Wow! Love the chevron quilts ~ LOVE!


Liz Taylor said...

What a great collection of zig zag/chevron projects!! As always thank you so much for including my projects!!!

memmens said...

So much inspiration and so many gorgeous projects! I'm so desparate to get going on my next quilt and think it might be a much bigger chevron pattern!
Thanks for including mine - I'm really flattered!

joyce said...

I love these quilts! Thanks for the posts.

adayinthelife said...

Wow! What an inspiration. I am in love with chevron now.


Judith, Belfast said...

These are beautiful and so inspiring! jxo