Sep 1, 2012

Stuffed Sheets

You may remember this post about vintage sheet dolls and toys. I just couldn't help dedicating a whole post to all of the wonderfully creative softies and stuffies that crafters have made using vintage sheets. They remind me of the hundreds of softies my Grandma made and donated to the hospital to give to sick children.
Land Creatures
Elena made this bunny teddy for her cousin's little girl. She includes a great tutorial. It looks so huggable.
 I love this girly fox. You can make a cute fox or racoon with this super cute free pattern.
 I love the funky vintage sheet print on the ears and limbs of this bunny.
 This bear has just a few touches of vintage sheet fabrics but he is so sweet.
 Here is another cute fox. Kate shares a tutorial on how to make this adorable critter. So sly.
I always love Leah's animal creations. She has an amazing talent of repurposing vintage sheets, wool blankets, and vintage chenille into loveable creatures. This elephant is one of my favorites.
 This giraffe is fantastic. I love his mane.
 These kitty cats are made from vintage fabrics including pillowcase fabric. I love their wiskers.
Ocean Creatures
OMG, have you ever seen anything as cute as a vintage sheet octopus? I love the baby colors and pink cheeks of this eight-legged creation.
 Sea horses are truly magnificent animals. I love this softie version made from a used sheet.
Feathered Friends
A few months ago I did a post dedicated to vintage sheet owls which featured several owl softies.  I love this feminine version with cute bows.

Kids are so creative. I love this little owl made by a little girl with a big imagination and a very cute blog.

Girls love their dolls. I had a favorite doll that I named Natalie. I didn't know anyone by that name except the actress Natalie Wood.
This little cutie comes with her own sleeping pouch.


This doll has a vintage sheet body and super awesome yarn hair. 

 I'm thinking that once you make or purchase all of these vintage sheet softies that you will need a place to put them. How about a vintage sheet pet net?

Do you have a favorite vintage sheet softie or stuffie?  Remember to click on the links for instructions on how to make or purchase these items.
Now that August is over, I won't be working 50 hours a week at my job so I can spend more time posting vintage sheet awesomeness. :)  I'm especially looking for international submissions. 


memmens said...

What a lot of lovely creatures! I can't quite believe someone would try an octopus - braver than me! Enjoy not working so many hours!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

These are just too adorable!!

aksherry said...

Oh gosh! I love the pink owl with the little bows!!!

Susie said...

I love softies from sheets. I made a fabulous turtle a while back which my boy still loves. I blogged about it here (

thanks for a great blog - I love it.

erica said...

So many great projects! I would love to give that octopus a try :)

jill said...

I so admire those who stretch themselves. Once I started quilting, that is all I ever do. Quilts, quilts, quilts.

blessings, jill said...

These are ALL so darling! The dollies are especially sweet:)


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

These little toys are sooo cute, I must make one! Ada :)