Oct 18, 2012

Going Pink Vintage Chenille Giveaway

I love how every year everything seems to go "pink" for October. This weekend, The Vintage Sheet Blog is going pink to bring attention to womens cancers. We even have a pink giveaway. Closed

Going Pink
Last weekend I went to Bloggy Boot Camp and met Warrier in Pink, Tina Herold. She is a breast cancer survivor and an amazing example of a strong woman. I learned a lot from her story but I also took away some information.

  • Women should get their first mamogram by age 35 so the doctor has a baseline.
  • Women need to make sure that they are getting enough vitamin D and there is a test for that.
  • Self exams should be done regularly and need to include the areas under the armpit and under the collar bone.

Our Giveaway Sponsor

Leah from Vintage Chenille is not only a very creative woman but she has a huge heart. For the past few weeks she has been participating in many fundraisers that bring awareness to womens cancers and has been busy creating pink animals to help that cause.


Leah is one of our wonderful readers from Australia. She says, "I love the vintage sheet blog because I never tire of admiring what others create!"
cushion (pillow) cover

Most of the inspiration for Leah's toys comes from her daughter, her story books and the fabrics she finds in thrift stores.


The Prize
Meet Scarlet. Scarlet has been created from a thrifted bright pink, checked patterned woolen blanket, some pink coloured vintage chenille and a small piece of vintage sheeting.

Scarlet has a hand embroidered eye, her little tail and 3 tufts of hair on her head are some pieces of fringing from another upcycled bedspread.

Scarlet measures approx 7" tall and 11" long including her trunk.

**please note that placement of fabric patterns may vary with each elephant **
Enter to Win Closed
There are 2 ways to enter to win Scarlet. You can do one or both but entries are due by Sunday night, October 21 at 10 PST.

1) Leave a Comment
Share a womens cancer story, share prevention tips (some here), or tell me how you are "going pink" in October. (1 entry)

2) Link to Pink
Link up anything pink. It can anything pink from your blog, Flickr, store, Photobucket, wherever. It can be your favorite vintage sheet, lipgloss, strawberry cupcake, whatever. (1 entry)

Good luck! Thanks so much Leah and Vintage Chenille for sponsoring our Going Pink Giveaway.
Me at the very decorated Delta Airlines gate last weekend


qltmom9 said...

I am already a cancer survivor. My first colonoscopy found a self-contained polyp that was cancerous. I was cured at the first sign because it was caught SO early. Get your colonoscopies also. I went early (usually they recommend it at 50yo, I was only 47yo) because Dad died of bowel cancer.

lynaeve said...

My step-mother-in-law got cancer three times. Skin cancer twice, and breast cancer once. She has been through more than anyone I know. She is doing great now though.

charlotte said...

I think it's really important to have my daughters realize the survivors all around us. We have done a lot if discussing cancer in general this month. Their school
Even "went pink" last week.

Linda S. said...

My sister is a breast cancer survivor, which makes me even more aware and vigilant