Nov 9, 2012

Putting Baby to Bed

I have the cutest nieces and nephew. Thankfully, they all love handmade presents. I made my littlest niece a cradle and quilt for her baby doll. She loved it! Here's how it all awent down:

"Time for bed, baby. I'll tuck you in."

 "Goodnight, baby. I love you"

"Me too. Goodnight, baby."

They are so sweet! I'll share the details of the crib makeover and the ruffled baby doll quilt soon.


mindingmomma said...

how cute

AllyJo said...

Love those tender moments. My daugher is grown, but my little niece will be all cute and sweet like this for me, still. :) (PS: Got more vintage sheets this morning. Because I can never just let them sit there. They must come home with me).

Blessed Serendipity said...

Adorable! Of course I recognized the multi color flower sheet (2nd ruffle) as it is the same pattern as on my blog header. What fun!

Danielle said...

Too sweet for words! Thanks for sharing:)


Rubyred said...

Adorable! Love your tutorials too!