Dec 18, 2012

A Very DIY Birthday

We celebrated my niece's 4th birthday this weekend. She wanted a princess horse party so that's what get got.

~The Cake~

My bff made a very fun castle cake with lots of candy, princesses, a pony, and the number 4. The kids loved picking the candy off the cake.

I made cake pops for the first time. They are red velvet dipped in purple (the niece's favorite color) and pink candy melts with sprinkles.

~The Party Venue~
The party was at a petting zoo. There were lots of animals to feed and pet as well as a train ride. Every time my nephew circled passed me he waved and said, "Hi Heder." So cute!!!!!

The niece and her cousin prefered a to scream every time they circled around.

I was in charge of the glitter tattoo station. Stars were most popular but I also did a dolphin and some butterflies. My station happened to be in front of a part of the petting zoo that had a painted "Miss Heather's Hotel."  We thought the coincidence was funny.

I love that my niece's love homemade gifts from me. I attached my niece's lost "L" to the outside of her package. Her mother got a big laugh about that.

She was very excited to get her own baby doll blanket (in purple.)

I hope that you are having a great week. You've all been so quiet lately. You must be busy making vintage sheet gifts for your loved ones. ;)


Ali Richardson said...

Is that zoomars I spy?! Looks like a fun and heartfelt party :)

gillyflower said...

Hi Heather, thanks for stopping by my blog and emailing me.
Looks like your little niece had a great Birthday! She looks so happy with her sweet little baby doll blanket!
I think its quiet in blogland generally with everyone getting ready for Christmas, but its good to have a break from all that and blog-hop!
Have a great Christmas Heather!
Gill x

Tammy Chrzan said...

Wow, now that is a cake!
What a perfect day!
My daughter would have loved this sort of party! said...

Awh, how sweet! Made me smile:)