Mar 19, 2013

Spring Sewing

I seem to do a lot of sewing for friends and family in the Fall. I make most of the Christmas gifts that I give and love the excuse to sew. I searched the internet for fun spring sewing projects to make for my home and to give away. Hope they inspire you too.

Spring Sewing Projects 
(aka, sewing just for fun)
OMG, how cute are these tea towels? The Jerseymaid shops takes cotton tea towels and adds fun pops of color with vintage sheets and other fabric scraps. Must make! Also check out this version.
I like to put sachets and homemade soaps in my drawers to keep my clothes and linens smelling nice. I love these lavender sachets from the Threads and Bones shop.
I think I've mentioned it before but I wear flip flops and sandals year-round. I'm going to remake boring plastic flipflops with my vintage sheets.
I love this little ruffled apron. Both of my little nieces would look great making an imaginary meal in their play kitchens in this creation.
 This one is for the artist. Sharon shares her instructions for turning a vintage pillowcase into a crafty apron for a little girl.
Enough of the nieces, this one is for me :) You know how I love pillowcase projects. Maybe I should rename my blog The Vintage Pillowcase Blog. Nah, not quite the same ring.
 I love this bag made from a thrift shop sweater and thrifted vintage sheet. Okay, another me project. I have an orange Ralph Lauren sweater that would be perfect.
If I'm feeling really adventurous I'll make a quilt. Confession: I've never made a large, machine quilted quilt. These instructions make it seem doable.
 I'm scared. Does anyone want to come to Southern California to walk me through it. Our temperature is in the low 70s all week. :)
This next project is a no-sew but I still like it- vintage sheet magnets! Mod Podge is my BFF.
Hmmm, a lot of these projects are for me. My littlest niece turned 2 today and I haven't made her a gift from Auntie Header Header yet. I'll let you know what I decide to maker her.

Any favorite projects? What do you make in the Spring? Do you ever feel guilty making gifts for yourself?


Dee said...

Thanks for sharing these super cute projects! I might have to try the tea towels! I just put together a pillow using some of my fave. Intake napkins! I'll blog about it next week if you want to stop by! Thanks again for the inspiration!

Karen said...

I love the look of that bag made from a jumper - very thrifty! I have a big glass vase on my dining table that gets filled with different things and I'm planning on making some fabric eggs to put in it this year - but i had better get sewing, Easter is almost here! :o)

photosarah said...

Thanks so much for featuring my sweater/vintage sheet bag!

Kiley said...

Oh, please, pick ME to come to CA! Save me from this never ending winter in snowy, cold NY!!! I've even made large quilts before (but not machine quilted them). I'll book my flight tonight!!! Thanks for the invite...he, he!!! ;) said...

Great post, Heather. I'm especially loving the upcycled sheet/sweater tote! Think I might give it a try myself:) Happy Spring!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

All of these projects are so sweet! Love the flip flop idea.
No, I never feel guilty making something for myself!
If you look at my post today, you'll see my no sew curtains made from a vintage sheet! I owe it to blogs like yours who help me to be brave! ♥

gillyflower said...

Lots of lovely and inspiring projects here Heather - the apron is cute and i love the sweater bag.
Hope you got my email and attachment ok a few weeks ago Heather - let me know if it didnt work and I'll re-send.

Gill xx