Dec 13, 2013

Vintage Book Christmas Party

 I love the book-themed Christmas party theme. With the help of Pinterest and some very talented friends, we pulled off a Storybook Christmas in a short time.

Hot Chocolate Bar
I love having a hot cocoa station at a party.  It's not only a yummy treat; it's a fun activity.


My sister created the chalkboard sign on a black posterboard with a white pencil. It was a lot more forgiving and longer lasting but with the look of chalkboard.

 I made a warm wishes bunting from muslin, black felt, and quilt binding. The black felt was in a sticky-backed sheet so it came together pretty quick.

We had lots of fun things to make the hot chocolate extra special. There were buckets of chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, marshmallows, and candy canes. The buckets are from Hobby Lobby. The wooden scoops are from Etsy. The labels are from Ribbonwood Cottage but I played with them in Picmonkey.

We had two things of hot chocolate going in metal containers.

Whipped cream was covered in white copy paper and a chalkboard label.  I tore the label off store-bought caramel sauce and added a chalkboard label. Hot cups with lids gave us a "Starbucks feel."

Book Centerpiece

 We stacked vintage books to look like a Christmas tree and then added a little gold star for our centerpiece.

 Each table had a book page "runner" that I made by hot gluing torn out book pages together.

We also made little book trees by folding over the pages of vintage books to make a cone shape. This is one on the dessert table.

 The Details
Do you ever have an amazing vision but don't know how to make it all come together? We were so lucky that the very talented Lettie Peterson from Rust and Lace saved the day. I love her vintage design style.

She has several really elegant trees that she's made from different materials. I love all the textures.

These little paper machee ornament balls are so pretty. I made the book page tree below.

 The Room
We had a nice burlap wrapped Christmas tree.

I very quickly glued some book pages onto wooden star ornaments.

This is a really blurry photo of the room. You can see the lights hanging from the center, the manger scene on stage and the violin and flute players on stage. And, a packed room.

 The Entertainment
We were pleased to hear 3 violins, a flute, a guitar, many voices, and a nativity narration. We ended with the real Christmas story which is the best Christmas story. I reprised my role as Mary. I'm holding a doll because no one would loan me their real baby for the night. :(

Thank you for stopping by the Vintage Sheet Blog today.

What is your favorite Christmas party theme?


Kyla @HouseOfHipsters said...

What a fun post! Thanks so much for sharing them at Found & Foraged! Hope to see you again this week...oh, but before I forget. Party will start on Friday (this week only) at 8PM CT...InLinkz is doing some server maintenance right when our party is normally scheduled. Blerg! Anyhoo, hope to see you at