Jul 15, 2014

A Very Vera Quilt

Don't you love a finished product? Back story: Last month I sold one of my favorite sheets in my Grow Home store. It was a red, white, and blue king flat sheet made by Burlington. I love all the sheets and pillowcases that I found treasure hunting but some are harder to part with than others. After it sold I received a note from Aaron from Brooklyn Bags, the buyer, who told me the sheet was going to be used as the backing for a quilt. I asked Aaron to please send me a photo of the finished product, which he did.

 The front is covered in vintage Vera napkins.

Aaron used the scallop design from the Vera backing sheet for his quilting.

I am in love with how it turned out. And, I can tell Frank the dog is happy with how it turned out. So, it was hard to part with that amazing sheet but I'm so happy that it went to a good home and was transformed into something truly amazing.

Thank you Aaron for sharing.

 I think that Vera Neumann would be proud.
Vera was also an upcycler. She started her business making scarves from recycled WWII silk parachutes that she found in an army surplus store. Her work can be found in bed linens, table linens, scarves, clothing, furnishings, and more. Her work is still relevant. Target licensed her designs last year.
Jane from Right Brain Jane devoted a full week on her blog to Vera inspiration. Her blog is chock-full of vintage awesomeness but her Vera week posts are a sure delight. For a really amazing look at Vera's work, head to the Goldstein Museum of Design at the University of Minnesota. Jane has a blog post full of gorgeous scarves displayed at the museum. I just need an excuse to go to Minnesota. . .


rebecca said...

That quilt is amazing! The sheet was a perfect fit.

Gmama Jane said...

What an interesting post. Info I didn't know.
You are on my blog roll but like most I don't get around to everyone often enough. I always enjoy when I come to visit. Reminds me of all the wonderfully creative people out there which leads to inspiration.
Gmama Jane