Oct 29, 2014

DIY Slumber Party Invitations Tutorial

My niece's birthday is a big deal around here. We go all out. When she was old enough to have a "sleepover," only the best invitations would suffice. So, I made her mini pillow and pillowcase invitations.

I love that the invitation can be re-used as a pillow for the girls' Monster High Dolls. The girls LOVED them.

Mini Pillow and Pillowcase

Here's what you need for each pillow and pillowcase:
  • 7" x 9" piece of patterned cotton fabric
  • 4" x 11" piece of flannel fabric (solid of stripes)
  • Stuffing
  • scissors, thread, pins, and sewing machine

The Pillowcase 
1. To make your pillowcase, lay your cotton fabric right side down. Fold the top of the 9" side over. Press, pin, and stitch with a 1/4" seam.

2. Fold in half with right sides together. The folded over seam from step 1 is on the top. It's the opening to your pillowcase. Now, stitch the side and bottom closed.

3. Flip and Voila! Your mini pillow case is done.

The Pillow 
1. Take your flannel fabric and fold it longways, right sides together.

 2. Fold the top edge over on each side by 3/8 inch and pin. See above and below photos.

 3. Stitch down the left and right sides. Leave top open so we can stuff it.

4. Almost done. Turn right side out. Stuff. Pin closed keeping that 3/8 fold inside.

 5. Top stitch it closed and you are done.

The Invite 
If you are making your little pillow for a sleepover invitation, you will need to make an invitation from cardstock that measures 6 1/4" x 3." Staple on a 4" piece of ribbon folded in half then hot glue on a button so the invite can easily be pulled from the pillow.

 Here it is all put together. Cute alert!

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You can read more about the decorations and favors that I made for her party here. I made everything with a single thrifted sheet, with fabric to spare.

What do you like to craft for the kids in your life? Leave me a comment, I'm interested.

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jviola79 said...

Those are just the sweetest invitations! Seriously! I so admire your creativity. Visiting from the Saturday Soiree Party & am glad I did. Enjoy your weekend!

Joy said...

These are adorable, and such a great idea! I'm so glad you shared them with us at Treasure Box Tuesday- pinned! :)

Julia Nyanyo said...

This is such a cute idea, my daughter would have loved them when she was younger (so would I actually! )

Dinah said...

Oh my goodness this is the cutest invite EVER!!! What a cute idea!!