Nov 1, 2014

Day of the Dead Breakfast Party

Hurray for new family traditions and celebrations!

Today was the first day of the 2-day Day of the Dead or Dia De Los Muetos celebration. It's a very traditional holiday in many parts of the world. I love the idea of honoring loved ones passed for two days with food and family gatherings. We celebrated with a Day of the Dead Brunch.

We had a yummy breakfast.
I made French Toast Apples with Caramel Syrup. I saw the idea from Heather's French Press. I used my own recipe for French toast batter (basically eggs, almond milk, and vanilla.) The caramel sauce was store-bought. I just heated it in a gravy boat.

 I also make a fruit salad with yellow watermelon (yes, there is such a thing), kiwi, and oranges.

We also had Mexican hot chocolate. I made it the easy way by mixing instant hot chocolate envelopes with a couple shakes of cinnamon.

I made the Day of the Dead bunting and attached some dollar store skeletons.

I was able to pick up some Day of the Dead skull party ware at our dollar store: plates, cups, plastic skulls, and foam skulls. The table runner is actually a scarf to wear.

Everyone got a plastic and a foam skeleton head to decorate with Sharpie markers. The cool thing is that we can use these to decorate our party next year.Yes, I'm already thinking about next year. :)

I'd love it if you could help us choose a winner for our little family art contest.

Just for fun, go to Picmonkey, upload a photo and add a few embellishments to make yourself look like those typical Dia de Los Muertos skulls. This is the niece and me.

Thank you for dropping by the Vintage Sheet Blog today. Please feel free to leave a comment (aka vote), click on the tutorials tab above, and follow me on social media. The buttons are on the top right. I'll let you know which/who's skull won the contest on facebook.

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Michele T said...

How fun!! My favorite is #1... the Rainbow teeth are so cool!!